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People all over the world enjoy the company of a faithful pet. Cats and dogs are the most popular ones. How well do you know them? Click the appropriate box. Namig

Most people keep these animals as their pets.
They can be left-pawed or right-pawed.
They lick your face and ears to show they love you.
They wag their tail when they are happy.
They bring small gifts to their owners.
They help people and are often used by rescue teams.
They sleep a lot, during both day and night.

Read the statements again. With a schoolmate, think of some more reasons that support your opinion. Prevod

What's your opinion?

Do you agree (+), disagree (-) or have no opinion (?) about the following statements? Read and tick your choice. Namig




When buying a pet, you don't really have to know how to take care of it.
Pets are just animals, so they know nothing about love and loyalty.
Feeding pets human food is bad for their health.
Catching an animal in the wild and selling it as a pet is good because where else could one get an unusual pet.
You don't have to buy a pet in a pet shop, you can adopt a pet that needs help.
Releasing your overgrown pet alligator in the river is an a good idea – it can live for many more years in the nature.
If you love animals but cannot own one, you can help in the local animal shelter when you have time.