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Dear Diary

Not a lot of people write diaries or blogs but most people like to read them. Read these diary pages. Prevod

September 3, 2014

Dear Diary,
I’m so upset!! I don’t even know where to begin!
To start off, I think I completely failed my Slovene quiz, which I know I should’ve studied more dad won’t be happy about that. We had a pop quiz on the reading homework, and I completely forgot most of what I’d read during my summer holidays, which made me even more upset because I actually did the reading! But what really made me mad was the note that Monica slipped into my locker. She said she was sad that I’ve been hanging out with Hana more lately and thinks that I don’t want to be her friend anymore. I can’t believe she thinks that, especially after talking with her on the phone for hours and hours last month while she was going through her breakup with Luca! Just because I’ve been hanging out with Hana a little more than usual doesn’t mean I’m not her friend anymore. She completely blew me off at lunch, and when I told Hana, she thought that Monica was being a “drama queen.”
The last thing I need is for my best friend to think I hate her and barely text me back anymore.
Uggh! I can’t concentrate on anything right now because of it. I hope she gets over it!!!
September 4, 2014
Dear Diary,
Today was a little better. I texted Monica last night asking if she wanted to have lunch with me today, just the two of us, and she said ‘sure’. I told her that just because I’m hanging out with Hana, it doesn’t change anything about our friendship. After all, we’ve been friends since first grade! She said that she knows that, but she just felt like the third wheel because she doesn’t think that Hana likes her and because Hana and I go and play tennis together. I told her not to worry about what Hana thought and that I’d talk to her about it. Monica felt a lot better, and after we’d both cried a little, we spent the rest of lunch catching up on the latest gossip, which I’d missed!
I thought it would be fun for the three of us to get some coffee after school and try to make everything better. I’m not sure how well that worked, because even though Hana was trying really hard to be nice to Monica, I could tell that Monica was being really fake with Hana. When I texted Monica later, she said everything was fine, but I know her well enough to know that’s not completely true.
Oh well. I’m not her mom, and I can’t force her to feel anything. It just frustrates me because I don’t want things to change between us...
We’ll see what happens. I have to get some math homework done now!
September 6, 2014
Dear Diary,
Sorry I didn’t get to write last night! It was such a busy day, and I was too tired to write anything...
I was right about Monica not being okay. Yesterday, she barely spoke to me, and anything she did say was a “yes” or “no” answer. I tried so hard to get her to cheer up, but of course she just kept saying, “I’m fine, I’m fine.” Uggh! I wish she would just be honest with me! I’m always honest with her! It’s not fair!
I wish things were simple like they were in primary school. :( :( :(