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priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

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Read the letters to the problem page and the answers to these problems. Match problems to the answers. Then solve 2 tasks that will appear bellow. Prevod

How can I tell my parents that they are really stressing me out? My typical day consists of school lessons, band practice, piano practice after school, and football practice. I get home and have about half an hour before I have to go to bed. During the day I have practically no time to relax and am constantly on the go. I really need help figuring out how to tell my parents that I’m stressed.
Lan, 13 years old
I have a problem with my boyfriend. He asked to go out on Thursday but Thursday came and we didn’t go out. He had to go somewhere with his family. He then said, ‘Let’s make it Tuesday.’ He told me that every time we go out, he’s the one who calls and plans everything, so this time he asked me to call him the next day to plan what we’re going to do on Tuesday. I called him on Monday and we talked for a bit but he didn’t say anything about the outing. The next day he only sent me a ‘Good morning’ even though we were supposed to go out. Now what should I do? And why do you think he’s doing this? I was thinking that if he asks me to go out again I would tell him that I’m not free. Does he like me? What should I do! :) Thank you so much.
Nina, 18 years old
My father died almost two years ago. About six months ago, my mother started dating an old family friend. I am really uncomfortable with the situation. My sister and I don’t like him. He is always polite and I know that he won’t hurt my mum. But I believe she could find somebody nicer and better suited to her.
I find it really difficult to have him in the house, and I can’t relax. I think he overstays his welcome. His presence makes me miss my father even more.
I don’t want to tiptoe around the house avoiding someone I don’t like.
Do I have a right to say something to my mum about it and ask for things to change?
Ben, 17 years old