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A Mountain Biker

Read the text about a mountain biker. The test is divided into short paragraphs. Match the paragraphs with the headings. There are two extra headings. Prevod

1. I have been mountain bike riding for three years now. In spite of the accidents I have had it’s still my favourite sport. I have got a 27-speed full-suspension cross-country bike.

2. Last weekend my riding partner Daniel and I were getting ready for our next competition and to finish the day off we decided to ride the world famous downhill course Kamikaze. It drops from a summit of 3,626 metres to 2,920 metres in about seven minutes, riding at a medium speed.

3. The gondola took us to the peak of Mammoth’s height. Daniel and I grabbed our glasses, stepped out of the gondola, and wheeled our bikes out of the station and down the stairs. We clipped into our pedals and rode toward the start. We put on helmets and began our descent.

4. One minute later, we were speeding down the course side by side. Daniel was much faster than me. As I was trying to catch up Daniel I failed to see a series of sandy ditches. When I saw them it was already too late. A bump knocked my hand off its resting position on the back brake. My clip-in shoes tore out of the pedals and I flew through the air. My head slammed into the ground. I kept rolling and rolling until the sand finally stopped me.

5. After a few seconds I opened my eyes and saw Daniel. “Are you OK?” “What happened?” My voice trembled and then I passed out. I woke up in hospital with a mild concussion and a broken ankle. My arms and back were covered in bruises. I could hear my mum talking to a doctor. I was relieved when she told me that I was allowed to go home.

6. That night as I was lying in bed I began to wonder why I mountain biked despite the obvious risks. The answer was simple. It’s the love of the sport that keeps me going. It’s the thrill of going fast, the adrenaline rush, the muscle burn of going up a hill, the technicality of the rocky, sandy, steep sections, and the passion that I feel as I push the pedals. Despite the hardest crashes that I will take, I have the privilege of being able to call myself a mountain biker, and because of that, I will never give up.