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Practice activities


Read the statements below and choose the right answers.

Innovations and technology make our world {digital;traditional;simple} .
Modern devices are getting more {sophisticated;complicated;expensive} .
Modern devices are also called {gadgets;spare_parts;accessories} .
A larger smartphone is categorized as a {tablet;notebook;mobile_phone} .


Listen to the pros about the digital world and click the ones you hear.

Due to car navigation systems we are unlikely to get lost.
Computers cause unemployment.
Thanks to smart phones, we can access information almost everywhere.
Modern technologies have improved people's standard of living.
The demand for new devices boosts their production.

Read the text and fill in the gaps. The first letter is given.

However, with the help of the n ew technologies that are a vailable , it is easier to s py on people and invade their p rivacy without them knowing. Also, cybercrime like h acking , identity theft, b ullying and others are on the increase. Finally, it is true the new t echnologies are smart, but they are always luring people to c hange them too soon, which is expensive and h armful , especially for children if they mean for them a b adge of belonging to a g roup and a status symbol.

Listen and choose the right expressions to complete the text. 

As for the inventors of {the_first_e-book;fewer_textbooks;online_pages} , no-one has been agreed upon yet. A Spanish teacher is believed to {have_patented;adapted;impaired} the first e-book in 1949. Her aim was to help students carry {fewer_textbooks;electronic_devices;more_e-books} in their satchels. In 1971, the first electronic book is said to have been invented by Michael Hart, who typed {an_electronic_document;the_first_e-book;online_add} in a computer.
E-books are {environment-friendly;too_expensive;not_interesting} as they save trees from being felled and there is no need for shipping them.
E-books help the disabled, especially the {visually_impaired;good;slow} readers. The text size can be {adapted_to;close_to;smaller_than} ; their needs and the screens can be {lit_up;closed;shared} for reading in the dark.
Worldwide {online_sale;street_sale;ordinary_sale} of e-books has doubled over the last three years.
However, three-quarters of the student population are said to still prefer bound books to digital ones.


Match the words with their definitions.

A print book can
be put on a shelf.
An electronic book is
a book in a digital form.
Libraries are changing
into a virtual institution.
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