To delo je na voljo pod pogoji slovenske licence Creative Commons 2.5:

priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

Celotna licenca je na voljo na spletu na naslovu V skladu s to licenco je dovoljeno vsakemu uporabniku delo razmnoževati, distribuirati, javno priobčevati, dajati v najem in tudi predelovati, vendar samo v nekomercialne namene in ob pogoju, da navede avtorja oziroma avtorje in izdajatelja tega dela. Če uporabnik delo predela, kar pomeni, da ga spremeni, preoblikuje, prevede ali uporabi to delo v svojem delu, lahko predelavo dela ponudi na voljo le pod pogoji, ki so enaki pogojem iz te licence oziroma pod enako licenco.


To what extent are your experiences in travelling connected with the Internet? Google’s five stages of travel are: DREAMING, PLANNING, BOOKING, EXPERIENCING, and SHARING. How are these activities related to online services? Discuss them in groups. Give one idea for each stage.

Julie and David are going on a month’s backpacking in Norway. They are packing their backpacks and discussing what to take with them.
Listen to their conversation first. Then, in the grid below, click the right reasons why they should keep the mentioned items in their rucksacks.

item reasons
headlamp need free hands, not to lose it, midnight sun isn't bright enough
gas stove to prepare meals, to keep warm, to boil water, for light
sleeping pad to lie or sit on, to cover with it, to put it on
fleece windy days, cool nights, mosquitoes, rain

Are you fond of packing? Do you always pack smart and travel light, or do you usually end up sweating due to too much luggage? Explain the situation to your partner and describe the consequences.

Read the statements taken from the recording and click one mistake in each of them.

You mustn't put your headlamp in your side pocket. Backpackers don't like compressible items. A sleeping bag makes a soft place to lie on. Scandinavian summer nights are like those in the Mediterranean.

Not all words or expressions are explained in the ‘Words to Remember.’ Your task is to use a dictionary to explain the meaning of the words below and then use them in your own sentences to illustrate their meanings. Write them in your notebook.

CLUSTER (v.), BULKY (adj.), GEAR (n.), RUN OUT OF (phrasal verb)

  Next, make a list of things you always put into your suitcase or a rucksack when you go on a few days trip, and compare it with your partner. Then, listen to Julie and David’s dialogue one more time, and in your notebook, write down only the sentences that express obligation, prohibition, ability, certainty, and advice. Justify your decision. Compare them with your partner’s.

Finally, think about summertime when you go on holidays with your friends and you have to do some packing. Write a short paragraph on the topic, the questions and ideas above will help you structure it well.