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priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

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Search the internet or other sources to find answers to these questions. Write them in your notebook and compare them with your partner.
       What do we know about Alma's parents?
       What was she like as a child?
       Which languages did Alma Karlin speak?
       What jobs did she do to earn money for her travels?
       What was the route of her journey?
       Who did she live with in Celje from the late 1930s on?

You can also find further information about Alma M. Karlin if you watch the documentary The Odyssey of a Lonely Woman, or if you borrow one of her {travelogues;travelogue = (n) a film, lecture, or brochure on travels and travelling} from the library to get a better understanding of how she travelled.
Imagine you can travel through time and you set the time machine to the 1930’s. You are assigned to interview Alma.

A journalist interviewed Alma once, but some of the words in his questions in his notes were erased. Fill in the right words to complete the questions. 

What was the motive of your journey around the world ?
Your first stop was in South America. What was it like there?
Which country impressed you the most?
What benefits of your journey would you point out ?

Now, listen to recording to find out Alma’s answers

Listen again and match the parts that fit together.

Alma's motives for travelling
first-hand answers to her questions
South America's experience
constant danger, unsafe feeling
Japan, its people and landscape
inspiration for her short stories
the journey benefits
maturity and fulfiled goals
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Discuss in pairs which Alma’s experience impressed you most and why. Express your wishes concerning traveling adventures by using:
Next, think about your wishes concerning traveling adventures and express them by using: I wish I could travel to. . . because I'd like to. . . I'd like to visit . . . to see /experience / observe. . .

Drag the {countries;The list of countries she visited is extremely long, the one that is in front of you is abridged and it also features two countries Alma never saw. Be careful and don't include them in the route.} Alma visited, along the route of her eight-year-long travel.