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Choose the right definition of the given words.

an email {an_electronic_message;formal_writing_with_arguments_and_views;to_give_a_piece_of_writing_to_someone_to_consider_it}
an essay {formal_writing_using_arguments_and_views;time_limit_set_to_complete_a_task;an_electronic_message;to_give_a_piece_of_writing_to_someone_to_consider_it}
deadline {time_limit_set_to_complete_a_task;formal_writing_using__arguments_and_views;to_give_a_piece_of_writing_to_someone_to_consider_it}
to hand in {to_give_a_piece_of_writing_to_someone_to_consider_it;time_limit_set_to_complete_a_task;formal_writing_using_arguments_and_views}

Read a student's email to his/her teacher. Then rewrite it in your notebook, so that you correct just the punctuation mistakes, not its style.


Emails can be formal or informal. An informal email is an informal piece of writing. Its style can be similar to speaking, so it's up to us how we begin and finish it, and whether we use paragraphs or not.

Greeting Ending
Hi! Hi Sue, Hi there Jim,
Dear Mia,
Love, With love,
All the best,
Best regards,

Short sentences, exclamation marks, contractions, informal expressions, smileys, words in block capitals and the omission of the subject pronoun are common features of informal e-mail writing.

Below, there is a jumbled explanation of what an email is. Read through it and arrange its parts into a logical description.

An email is an abbreviated word for electronic mail, which is an electronic message mostly sent over a computer or mobile device to one or more recipients.
It has replaced informal and formal letter-writing in many cases, so , as the letter, it can be either formal or informal.
As we send an informal email to our friends and relatives, it is our choice how to write it. It often looks like a text message, especially, if we use the text message writing style and smileys.
However, a formal email is sent to companies, (government) agencies, schools and similar institutions. In this case, we should follow the rules of formal writing and use appropriate language and register.
To conclude, an email, be it informal or formal, should be clear and readable.

The sentences below summarise the paragraphs. Put them in the right order.

One or more people can receive an email via the internet.
Email writing is similar to letter writing.
An informal email is more like a text message.
A formal email is a piece of formal writing.
Any email should be easy to read.