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15-year-old Rebecca has some problems with her elder sister. That's why she decided to ask for advice on a teenager problem forum.

Read the first part of her post and find all the adverbs. Click them.

New member
Am I being a bad sister?

I have a problem with my elder sister who has a boyfriend. Our parents work until very late in the evening, and my sister and I are at home alone. So every afternoon she invites her boyfriend over to our place and they listen to extremely loud music, watch totally stupid videos, and cuddle endlessly. We live in a rather small flat, so I can hear perfectly everything they do.

That's why my sister wants me out of the house. I visited a friend, but I have homework to do. And it’s my home, too. I told her I would tell Mom and Dad, and then she started to shout angrily and said that I can never ever tell our parents about her afternoon visitors, or else she would phone my boyfriend (well, not really a boyfriend, but a friend I’m madly in love with) and tell him I’m frigid. I know she is capable of anything and she would definitely do that. So I haven’t told our parents yet.

Should I tolerate this? Am I a selfish person? Should all sisters support each other no matter what? Please, can anyone suggest anything?


Rebecca received four pieces of advice from other teenagers reading the forum. Which piece of advice should she follow? Click it.

In the four forum answers, find the idioms that mean the same as the phrases below.

have enough of someone or something - be fed up with
allow other people live their lives the way they want - Live and let live.
begin feeling attraction and love for someone - fall in love with