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Answer these questions in note form.

What did the MyPlate diagram replace? The food pyramid .
Are MyPlate icons on food packaging? No .
What determines a man's right amount of calorie and nutrient needs? Age and physical activity .
Which food groups cover around one-third of the plate each? Vegetables and grains .
According to the text, which icon is easier to understand? MyPlate .

Find words in the text that match the definitions, write them in the gaps.

the process of obtaining the food required for growth, health nutrition
a person who buys goods consumer
a substance that provides essentials for growth and health nutrient
something that is confusing, puzzling bewildering
in a new or different way anew

Browse the Internet, a dictionary or some other source and type in the names of foods in the picture.

1 currant 2 runner_bean 3 buckwheat 4 pork_chop 5 kohlrabi

Draw a MyPlate diagram in your notebook and add at least five foods in each category.

Sabrina went to her grandma's to learn how to make Idrija žlikrofi. While making them, she entered her grandma's {pantry;pantry = (n) a small room or closet in which food and kitchen utensils are kept}. Listen to Sabrina’s description of this small room and choose the right word to complete the statements below.

Sabrina went to the pantry to get a {bag;sack;box} of flour.
There were {boxes;bags;jars} of different macaroni.
She also saw a few {bars;packages;boxes} of chocolate.
Beans, maize and peas were stored in {cans;bags;cartons} .
Homemade marmalade was stored in {jars;glasses;bottles} .
In the corner, there was a {barrel;crate;bottle} of beer.

Food quantifiers
Nouns referring to food are often uncountable. We can limit their quantity by:

- adding a unit of measurement
      Ella has bought three kilos of flour.

- adding another noun phrase referring to some container
      We didn't use the whole sack of rice.