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priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

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Simon Addison, a 31-year-old accountant from San Diego, CA nowadays often hears from his acquaintances "Wow, you look great!" or "You look so different I hardly recognized you." He only smiles at them and silently congratulates himself for his iron will and self-discipline that led him to his current physical condition. Less than two years ago, he was a totally different person with unhealthy eating habits and loads of stress. Sweating in a gym was only a memory from his teen years and he never walked a mile. Simon wasn’t feeling fine, he complained about his constant fatigue and persistent feeling of thirst, so his wife Lucinda made him an appointment with his primary care physician for a physical examination. He was taken aback by the doctor’s proclamation "You have diabetes" but he took the diagnosis in stride.
With Lucinda’s support and expert guidelines, he gradually turned his lifestyle upside down. He went on a diet. He put an end to eating greasy food, he swapped white bread for whole wheat products’ and crossed fizzy drinks out of his shopping list. His portions of food were smaller and much of the grain on his plate was replaced by colourful vegetables. He also started to workout at a CrossFit gym, and after a few months the first rewarding results of his hard work paid off.
Simon’s regular checkups showed a normal blood sugar level, his blood pressure was within normal range, and the scales showed less and less every time he stepped on them. Altogether he lost 35 lbs., he changed his body shape, and most importantly, he felt healthy and perky again. Making the changes wasn’t easy, there were cases when he was on the verge of tears when he saw his plate covered in vegetables and a few strips of meat on top.
Simon was one of 25 million people who are struck by diabetes every year. This illness comes without warning, it knows no age or race and slowly destroys one’s vital body organs. It is therefore often referred to as ‘the silent killer,’ and is just one of many obesity-related diseases. So, keep in mind that an unbalanced diet and inactive living are not the right choices if you wish to live long and productive life.

Click the mistakes in the statements taken from the text and then rewrite the sentences with the correct ones in your notebook.

Simon didn't get compliments from his acquaintances.
Simon's a weak-willed 31-year-old accountant.
Simon made an appointment at his primary care physician.
He changed his eating habits and took up running.
Diabetes sends warning signs.

Read again and finish the answers to the questions below.

What symptoms of diabetes did Simon have?
Simon didn't feel fine, he complained about his constant fatigue and he was always thirsty .
What changes did he make after the diagnosis?
Simon went on a diet and started working out .
What were the results of his lifestyle changes?
He lost weight , his blood pressure and blood sugar are within normal range .
Why is diabetes called the silent killer?
Diabetes comes without warning and slowly ruins one's vital body organs .
Who is its victim?
Anyone can suffer from it if he or she doesn't follow a healthy diet .