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priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

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Click the words that go side by side with the title. Look them up in a dictionary if you're not sure what they mean.

overindulge (v.), abstain (v.), spree (n.), orgy (n.), mannerly (adj.), bout (n.), debauch (v.), well-mannered (adj.)

What is {binge;A binge is a behavior engaged in excessively over a short period of time.} drinking? Why do people do it? What are some of the possible consequences of such behaviour?

Listen to the recording above and complete the lines below.

Alcohol is generally tolerated as a socially acceptable drug .
Parents are influential role models for their children.
Half of them consume alcoholic beverages on weekly basis .
Set a good example and moderate your drinking .

Choose the right answer.

This article is aimed for {parents;teenagers;teachers} . According to the recording, {parents;media;peers} are responsible for educating teenagers on drinking alcohol. Statistics say around {50%;30%;75%} of 15-year-old teens drink alcohol every week. The worst outcome of binge drinking is {death;injury;brain_damage} .

Look at the words in bold. What part of speech are they? What do they express? Where in the clause are most of them placed?
• Parents should definitely pay more attention to their drinking habits.
Maybe the alcohol industry should stop advertising their products.
• Alcohol consumption obviously has several bad effects on your health.
Perhaps parents should pay more attention to their drinking habits.
• Young people certainly start drinking alcohol far too early.


Adverbs of probability
When we wish to express how sure we are about a situation, we use an adverb of probability, for example: certainly, definitely, obviously, perhaps, probably, maybe, etc.

Now, make a brief survey. First, form questions using the prompts below and write them in your notebook. Next, get answers from at least half a dozen of your friends or classmates, and finally, present the results in front of your class. Prepare a short written report supported with a few charts.
old/first alcoholic          drink ever/be drunk

motive/drink/go            out alcohol/make you feel

what alcoholic              beverages how often/alcohol

You have gathered a lot of ideas and materials on teenage drinking so far. Make a poster on the topic and present it to your classmates.

effects of drinking alcohol; statistics on drinking in Slovenia/world; differences in drinking habits according to gender