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priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

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Read the text about independent learning and choose the right questions. To revise question formation, go to Unit 9.1, page 4. 

{Why_are_learning_skills_so_important?;Which_skills_are_included?;How_do_I_take_the_initiative?;How_do_I_keep_my_motivation_high?;What_is_critical_thinking?;What_is_time-management?} Because you won't only need them in school to achieve better grades but also later in different situations in life because we learn all our lives.

{Which_skills_are_included?;Why_are_learning_skills_so_important?;How_do_I_take_the_initiative?;How_do_I_keep_my_motivation_high?;What_is_critical_thinking?;What_is_time-management?} Taking initiative, self-motivation, critical thinking, time management, self-management, etc.

{How_do_I_take_the_initiative?;Why_are_learning_skills_so_important?;Which_skills_are_included?;How_do_I_keep_my_motivation_high?;What_is_critical_thinking?;What_is_time-management?} When you need support, don't wait but actively look for help and ask for advice. If you get stuck, talk to your friends and classmates and discuss the problem with them.

{How_do_I_keep_my_motivation_high?;Why_are_learning_skills_so_important?;Which_skills_are_included?;How_do_I_take_the_initiative?;What_is_critical_thinking?;What_is_time-management?} By finding out what you want to achieve and by setting your personal goals.

{What_is_critical_thinking?;Why_are_learning_skills_so_important?;Which_skills_are_included?;How_do_I_take_the_initiative?;How_do_I_keep_my_motivation_high?;What_is_time-management?} It is not just memorizing things but asking questions, examining the possibilities and possible solutions.

{What_is_time-management?;Why_are_learning_skills_so_important?;Which_skills_are_included?;How_do_I_take_the_initiative?;How_do_I_keep_my_motivation_high?;What_is_critical_thinking?} It is the ability to plan enough time for the tasks. It is also the ability to work out which of the tasks you need to do first because they are more important than others.

Ron has summarised the text in 4 sentences. Click those that are right.

Critical thinking is if you can ask questions and criticize solutions.
If you know what you want to achieve, your motivation is higher.
Learning skill is that you can learn without ever asking for help.
Setting aside enough time for things you need to do is important.

Think of your study skills. How do you study for school? Do the activity.

Some students asked questions related to study skills. What do they refer to? Pick an answer, and then, do the activity below.

What strategy can help me to learn texts faster? {memory_techniques;timetables;leisure}
What food will give me energy to study? {nutrition;friends_and_family;breaks}
Is it important where I study? {study_space;breaks;leisure}
Should I study in time blocks? {breaks;music_and_quiet;self-talk}
Who can I turn to if I have a problem? {friends_and_family;nutrition;breaks}

Complete a study tip with the missing words. The first letter is given.

When you lack motivation or i nterest in what you are studying and you don't know why, perhaps the answer is l ack of sleep. How many hours do you sleep a n ight ? Teenagers need about e ight to nine hours. If you are s leep deprived, make sure you get a proper r est and your motivation to study can dramatically i mprove . Find 20 to 30 minutes to take a short n ap and you will see your m ood and performance improve.