To delo je na voljo pod pogoji slovenske licence Creative Commons 2.5:

priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

Celotna licenca je na voljo na spletu na naslovu V skladu s to licenco je dovoljeno vsakemu uporabniku delo razmnoževati, distribuirati, javno priobčevati, dajati v najem in tudi predelovati, vendar samo v nekomercialne namene in ob pogoju, da navede avtorja oziroma avtorje in izdajatelja tega dela. Če uporabnik delo predela, kar pomeni, da ga spremeni, preoblikuje, prevede ali uporabi to delo v svojem delu, lahko predelavo dela ponudi na voljo le pod pogoji, ki so enaki pogojem iz te licence oziroma pod enako licenco.


Listen to the dialogues and drag and drop the verbs to the right places.

Talk Take Insert Open Have

the chewing gum out of your mouth.
a scoop of ice cream. It's absolutely delicious.
your book on page 26.
one 1 euro coin.
to her and tell her how you feel.


An imperative is a verb in infinitive form (without ‘to’) used mainly for ordering, instructing, requesting, inviting, or advising another person or a group of people to do (or not to do) something. They are used for giving orders and warnings on signs. The use of imperatives may sound inappropriate in some circumstances, but if you use them together with a word ‘please,' they sound more polite. In written form, imperative sentences can be concluded with an exclamation mark.
Take out the trash!            Don't argue with her. It will only make things worse.

Imperatives are often used in {advertising;advertising = (n) 1. (marketing) the promotion of goods or services for sale through impersonal media, such as radio or television}, they sound like an instruction in offering advice, where the subject is you. The subject is unstated yet understood. Here's an advertisement for visiting Iceland.

Read and click all imperatives in the text.

Iceland is a must-see country with a range of interesting things to do. Walk around the streets of Reykjavik, admire the sights and enter Hallgrímskirkja, an immense concrete church visible from 20 km away. Go whale watching in summer, learn about the town’s inhabitants in the award-winning Herring Era Museum, or experience Vikingaheimar, an exhibition centre with a reconstruction of a Viking Age longship. Finally, don't forget to savour the best fish soup or lamb stew in one of the many prim and proper restaurants in Snæfellsnes, a peninsula situated in western Iceland.

Read again and find words in the text that match these definitions.

a heavy building material made of sand, cement and water = concrete
unusually large; huge; vast = immense
a public display of works of art or other items of interest = exhibition
a warship powered by oar and sail, used by the Vikings = longship
taste and enjoy food or drink = savour
very formal and respectable = prim
land almost all surrounded by water = peninsula

Now, it's your turn. In your notebook write a similar instruction for your imaginary foreign friend to visit your town.