To delo je na voljo pod pogoji slovenske licence Creative Commons 2.5:

priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

Celotna licenca je na voljo na spletu na naslovu V skladu s to licenco je dovoljeno vsakemu uporabniku delo razmnoževati, distribuirati, javno priobčevati, dajati v najem in tudi predelovati, vendar samo v nekomercialne namene in ob pogoju, da navede avtorja oziroma avtorje in izdajatelja tega dela. Če uporabnik delo predela, kar pomeni, da ga spremeni, preoblikuje, prevede ali uporabi to delo v svojem delu, lahko predelavo dela ponudi na voljo le pod pogoji, ki so enaki pogojem iz te licence oziroma pod enako licenco.

Form a new word from the given one in brackets.

If you want to make a rental you need a credit card and an ID card. (rent)
Mum used a knife because she couldn't find a cheese grater . (grate)
Never leave your belongings unattended in public places. (attend)
This region is known for mushrooms that grow in abundance . (abundant)

Read the text and click on all modal verbs.

Staying in hostels can be so much fun. Young people should definitely try them out, not only because they are relatively cheap but because they may meet friends for the lifetime there. For example, I always ask for a dormitory room so that I can easily get in contact with same-minded people and on many occasions we ended up spending quite some time together. Hostels are cool because you don’t have to pay any memberships to spend a night there, but you shouldn’t expect great luxury though some places might turn out far better than some three-star hotels.

Complete the sentences with a suitable modal verb.

It is prohibited to feed the animals in a zoo.
You mustn't feed the animals in a zoo.
I was able to swim across the lake when I was a kid.
I could swim across the lake when I was a kid.
I advise you to go to the library and do some research.
You {should;ought_to} go to the library and do some research.
These books are free. You don't have to pay for the books.

Which advice sorts out these problems?

I have problems falling asleep.
You should try counting sheep.
My bike's making funny noise.
You should take it to a mechanic.
I don't understand modal verbs.
You should do all the exercises again.
My face is full of acne.
You shouldn't squeeze them.
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Complete the sentences using can, can’t, could, or couldn’t.

Er...I {can't;can;couldn't} open this jar or marmalade. I'm sorry.
We {couldn't;can;can't} reach the top of the mountain because he injured himself.
{Can;Can't;Could} I go to the mall, Dad?
My aunt {can;could;can't} speak a little Japanese.
I {could;couldn't;can} read without my glasses when I was younger.

Complete the sentences using mustn’t or don’t/doesn’t have to.

Adam doesn't have to move a finger at home. He's very spoiled.
I mustn't stop running. There's only one mile to the finish line.
I don't have to hand in the essay today. The deadline is till 23rd May.
My children don't have to go to school today, it's Sunday.
Passengers mustn't talk to the driver of the bus.