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priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

Celotna licenca je na voljo na spletu na naslovu V skladu s to licenco je dovoljeno vsakemu uporabniku delo razmnoževati, distribuirati, javno priobčevati, dajati v najem in tudi predelovati, vendar samo v nekomercialne namene in ob pogoju, da navede avtorja oziroma avtorje in izdajatelja tega dela. Če uporabnik delo predela, kar pomeni, da ga spremeni, preoblikuje, prevede ali uporabi to delo v svojem delu, lahko predelavo dela ponudi na voljo le pod pogoji, ki so enaki pogojem iz te licence oziroma pod enako licenco.

Gift for Writing

Look at the pictures below. Guess who the writers are. Read the text below  and drag the names to the right pictures.

William Shakespeare Ernest Hemingway Primož Trubar Jane Austen France Prešeren Oscar Wilde

In a group, discuss the above writers and their writing. In your notebook, list some well-known titles of their artworks.
Who is a writer? Discuss this question with your partner and write a definition in your notebook. Compare your definition with the example below.

Now, read the text and choose the right words to complete it.

A writer makes good use of the written word and communicates ideas through various styles and techniques.
Their {creative;poetry;language} writing can appear in many literary categories such as prose and {poetry;language;thoughts} , plays, screenplays, essays. According to this, {writers;linguists;vocalist} or authors can be novelists, short story writers, {poets;readers;buyers} , playwrights, screenplay writers, essayists, etc.
Writers are able to use {language;poems;thoughts} skilfully to express themselves: their ideas, {thoughts;poems;novels} , feelings, beliefs, observations, etc. Their {writing;language;literary} materials can be fictional or nonfictional. They can entertain, {inform;think;make} and inspire readers.
As for {literary;language;significant} writers, they use the written word not only to entertain, but also to convey a special, {deeper;entire;significant} meaning and universal values relevant to the {entire;some;most} human race. This way, they make a {significant;small;some} contribution to the literature, which is an integral part of the world culture.

Next, answer the questions about the text above in note form.

How does a writer use written words to communicate ideas? In_various_styles_and_techniques.
What is the purpose of language for writers? To_express_themselves.
What are writers skilled at producing? Fictional_and_nonfictional_materials.

Follow the instructions in ‘Activity Idea 1’ and ‘Activity Idea 2’ below, do the activities and compare your notes with your partner’s.