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priznanje avtorstva - nekomercialno - deljenje pod enakimi pogoji.

Celotna licenca je na voljo na spletu na naslovu V skladu s to licenco je dovoljeno vsakemu uporabniku delo razmnoževati, distribuirati, javno priobčevati, dajati v najem in tudi predelovati, vendar samo v nekomercialne namene in ob pogoju, da navede avtorja oziroma avtorje in izdajatelja tega dela. Če uporabnik delo predela, kar pomeni, da ga spremeni, preoblikuje, prevede ali uporabi to delo v svojem delu, lahko predelavo dela ponudi na voljo le pod pogoji, ki so enaki pogojem iz te licence oziroma pod enako licenco.



Read about key facts of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and complete the fact file.

Title: The_Adventures_of_Tom_Sawyer
  Time written: 1874 - 1875  
Author: Samuel_L._Clemens    Place written:  Connenticut
Pen name: Mark_Twain    Genre: adventure_satire
Language: English    Narration: third person
Type of work: novel    Protagonist: Tom_Sawyer

Now, read and fill in the gaps.

Tom Sawyer, from St.Petersburg on the Mississippi River, is brought up by Aunt Polly. His half-brother Sid often telltales Tom for causing mischief, and Tom is then punished . But Tom is a witty boy , and he often changes punishment into pleasure. He falls in love with Becky Thatcher, and with his friend Huck Finn they experience many adventures . Among others, Tom and his friends escape to the nearby Jackson's island and hide there. The townspeople consider them dead , and they gather in church for the boys' funeral service during which the boys show up alive and well. Finally, Tom and Huck manage to find the treasure , and they become rich, but still longing for exciting adventures to come.

a book jacket
Go to the library, take some novels from the shelves, and look at the book {jackets;book jacket = (n) book cover.}. What is there on the back part to attract readers and convince them to read it? Here is an image of two books. At the back of them, there is a brief book description. Do you perhaps know what it is called in your language?
Put the letters into the right order to find out the word for it.

What is a ‘blurb’ and what is the purpose of it? First, listen to the recording, and then, take some English literary books. In pairs, observe the book jackets.  Read their blurbs and discuss the topics of the books. 

Here are some statements on a blurb. Choose the best answer.

A blurb is meant to {praise;review;edit} a creative work.
A book blurb a part of the {back_jacket;front_cover;table_of_contents} .
The book title and the author are {necessary;optional;unknown} .
A blurb is supposed to spark people's {interest;love;spirit} for reading.
A book blurb is meant to {promote;buy;read} .